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Our focus on Water Enables our customers to:
  • Meet the increased water demands of a growing population and overcome water scarcity issues.
  • Treat challenging source water while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.
  • Deliver high performance water purification at the lowest life-cycle costs.
  • Address their water needs within the current plant footprint.

Although water makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface, only 2.5% exists as fresh water, while 97.5% is seawater. It takes a great deal of energy to desalinate seawater, thus, in most cases, large-scale desalination is not a viable option with current technologies. Of the relatively small proportion of fresh water available, about 90% is not accessible for our use. Two-thirds is locked up in glaciers and ice caps, while most groundwater cannot be sustainably extracted. As such, only about 0.25% of the earth’s water is accessible as fresh water reserves for industrial , agricultural and potable use. It is therefore incumbent upon industry and humanity as a whole to protect and preserve this limited and precious resource.

The African continent is endowed with abundant water resources, although its distribution and availability for use varies widely, with many countries on the continent (including South Africa) facing water shortages and water stress. Regional and national water figures often conceal the dramatic effects of local water scarcity, limited or polluted supplies and inadequate distribution systems. Access to fresh water has been repeatedly identified as a key condition for economic and social development. As such, the uncontrolled use of a limited resource by water-intensive industries takes on a special significance.

Through our global technology partnerships and extensive local resources, IMPROCHEM is able to offer the most comprehensive range of chemical and equipment solutions and services available, helping our Customers manage and optimise their water resources and process challenges across industries and municipalities. Our innovative chemical treatment, monitoring and equipment solutions for industrial water supply, public water, boiler water, cooling water, ingredient water and wastewater quality management, as well as custom-engineered plants for achieving water minimisation, reuse and recycle objectives, allow our Customers to optimise the use of water across the length and breadth of their facilities.

Water Footprint

IMPROCHEM’s vast array of water management technologies include:

    • Feedwater Pre-treatment
    • Corrosion Control
    • Scale Control
    • Microbial Control
    • Fouling Control
    • pH Control
    • Foam Control
    • Side-stream Filtration & Desalination
    • Cleaning & Passivation
    • Closed-loop System Treatment
    • Once-through System Treatment
    • Open-recirculating System Treatment
    • Cycle Optimisation
    • Blowdown Treatment & Recovery
    • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolants
    • Real-time monitoring & Control.
    • Pre-treatment
    • Chlorine Removal
    • Scale Control
    • Microbial Control
    • Dispersants
    • CIP Chemistries
    • pH Control
    • Post-treatment
    • Advanced Monitoring & Control.
    • Feedwater Pre-treatment & Conditioning
    • Internal Treatment for Scale and Deposit Control
    • Oxygen Scavengers
    • Condensate Treatment
    • pH Control
    • Fire-side Treatment
    • Acid Cleaning
    • Wet Lay-up
    • Cycle Optimisation
    • Blowdown Treatment & Recovery
    • On-line Monitoring & Control.
    • Coagulants
    • Flocculants
    • Dewatering Aids
    • Disinfectants
    • Foam Control
    • pH Control
    • Pipeline Cleaning & Passivation
    • Bio-augmentation Products
    • Heavy Metals Removal
    • SABS and NSF Approved Chemistries for Potable Water
    • On-line Monitoring & Control.
    • Equipment & Food Packaging Corrosion Protection
    • Scale control
    • pH control
    • Sanitation Solutions
    • Cleaning & Passivation
    • Ingredient Water Upgrading
    • Pipeline Wet Lay-up Treatment.
    • Modular Package Plants
    • Clarifiers
    • Dissolved Air Flotation Units
    • Multimedia Filters
    • Water Softeners
    • Demineralisation Plants
    • Disinfection Systems
    • Membrane Filtration Systems (MF, UF, NF, RO & MBR)
    • Chemical Dosing & Control Systems
    • Maintenance Spares & Membrane Filter Replacements.
    • Integrated Water Treatment Plant Design and Project Management
    • Industrial Water, Potable Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Front-end Design Packages
    • Water and Salt Balance Studies to achieve optimum water reuse and recycle objectives
    • Pilot Plant Studies
    • Turnkey Projects (Build-for-sale and Build, Own & Operate).