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Our Focus on Energy Enables our Customers to:
  • Prevent Fouling of critical heat transfer surfaces, thereby maximising energy efficiency.
  • Lower fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions with coal and petroleum fuel combustion enhancers
  • Reduce environmental pollution using green chemistries.
  • Optimised performance and protection of critical equipment.
  • Maximise production throughput and reduce energy demand using flow assurance chemistries
  • Use cost effective oil / water separation chemistries.
  • Improved compliance with Environmental, Health & Safety regulations.

IMPROCHEM provides bespoke water and process chemical treatment technologies, as well as equipment solutions to the energy industry which comprises:

  • Upstream oil & gas exploration and production industries.
  • Petroleum industry, including crude oil refineries, synthetic fuel producers, petrochemical plants and finished fuels distribution companies.
  • Power generation industry.
  • Coal mining and processing industries.
  • Renewable fuels industry.

In addition, many industrial and institutional companies are both consumers and producers of energy. Electrical energy is used to provide power to buildings, machinery and other equipment, while fossil fuels and petroleum distillates are consumed in boilers, furnaces, construction machinery, transportation vehicles and the like. In the African context, energy availability, reliability of supply and high cost are key constraints for economic and social development.

Both the production and consumption of energy and energy products by industry is becoming increasingly expensive. Energy demand in many industrial processes is the key cost driver for manufactured goods and is often the ultimate decider in respect of the viability and global competitiveness for a manufacturing operation.

Further, environmental regulations and penalties associated with gaseous emissions, carbon footprint and water-borne pollutants stemming from the production and consumption of energy are becoming increasing onerous. Thus, in order to save money while reducing environmental impact, energy producers and industrial consumers require innovative solutions to minimise their energy input requirements per unit of production output.

Through our global technology partnerships and dedicated teams of on-site specialists, IMPROCHEM is able to offer the most comprehensive range of water, hydrocarbon process and fuel additive treatment chemistries and services.

IMPROCHEM’s extensive range of hydrocarbon process technologies include:

    • Emulsion Breakers
    • Water Clarifiers
    • Corrosion Control
    • Scale Control
    • O2 & H2S Scavengers
    • Biocides
    • Foam Control
    • Paraffin & Asphaltene Inhibitors
    • Cleaners | Hydrate Inhibitors
    • RO Membrane Treatments
    • Drilling Fluid Polymers
    • Lost Circulation Materials
    • Drag Reducers
    • Pour Point Depressants
    • Acid Treatments.
    • Integrity Protection
    • Drag Reduction
    • Odourants
    • Lay-up Preservation
    • On-line Corrosion Monitoring.
    • Crude Desalting & Dewatering
    • Corrosion Inhibition
    • High Temperature Antifoulants
    • Process Foam Control
    • Slurry Settling Aids
    • Metals Passivation
    • Opportunity Crude Processing Chemistries
    • Simulation Software
    • On-line Monitoring & Control.
    • Corrosion Inhibition
    • Process Foam Control
    • Antipolymerants and Dispersants
    • Emulsion Control
    • Total Solutions for Ethylene Producers
    • Simulation Software
    • On-line Monitoring & Control.
    • Conductivity Improvers
    • Antioxidants
    • Metal Deactivators
    • Dispersants
    • Anti-microbial Additives
    • Cold Flow Improvers
    • Pour Point Depressants
    • Cetane Improvers
    • Octane Improvers
    • Multifunctional Detergent Systems
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Lubricity Improvers
    • Anti Valve Seat Recession Additives
    • Fuel Dyes
    • Crude Oil Tank Cleaning Chemistries.
    • Combustion Catalysts
    • Fire-side Deposit Control
    • Fire-side Corrosion Control
    • Liquid Products for Ease of Application
    • Dosing & Control Equipment.