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Comprehensive Solution package:

  • Brackish water that contains mineral and salt content of more than 10,000 ppm can be efficiently processed by using brackish water reverse osmosis systems. The effective removal of minerals and salts turns water that is unsuitable for drinking, irrigation, or industry processes into a source of pure water.
  • Sea Water have a much higher mineral and salt content than brackish water. Exceeding 25 000 ppm, a more specialised system is needed to efficiently remove all salt content. Sea Water Re-verse Osmosis process will ensure safe drinking and process water to various customers.
  • Waste water treatment requires an intensive process review to break down all solids and Bio-organisms. For this procedure a DAF unit (Dissolved air flotation) is needed, as well as Bio treatment. Ultra Filtration—an Organic Carbon Removal process will be in place to insure the separation of suspended solids, colloids, bacteria and virus. The final step in this process will be Reverse Osmosis.