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TrueSense For Process - Crude Overhead Monitoring System (COMS)
General Electric (GE) has introduced an expansion to its family of advanced automation and control technologies with TrueSenseTM for Process, an online Crude Overhead Monitoring System (COMS). The system continuously monitors, applies and optimises the delivery of chemicals into the crude process stream to control fouling and corrosion.
Fouling and corrosion can threaten the reliability and safety of critical atmospheric fractionator overhead condensing systems. These problems often can impair production, raise maintenance costs and reduce profits. In addition, corrosion control is becoming more challenging as refiners around the world turn to lower-cost "opportunity" crude oil feedstocks and aim to maximise middle distillate production.
Crude overhead system performance, combined with EH&S compliance, is more critical now than ever.  Asset preservation, reliability, throughput and yield are all critical aspects of performance.
Production units under budgetary pressures and limited manpower collectively have created a demand for cost performance, throughput and improving yields to remain competitive.
World-class process treatment chemistry and application expertise are a cornerstone of GE and ImproChem customer commitments. Now, with the additional implementation of TrueSenseTM online process monitoring and control equipment, GE and ImproChem can provide unparalleled corrosion and fouling protection to our oil refinery Customers.
Description and Use
Refiners typically design crude unit overhead condensing systems for a significant life expectancy. Yet, the frequency of failures can be unacceptably high and depends on configuration, crude slates, metallurgies, etc.
Undetected spurious events can produce very high short-term corrosion. As a result, unscheduled production downtime can be costly. These undetected events are missed mainly due to manual spot testing and lack of online, reliable data gathering devices that can make adjustments in real-time.
  • By implementing an online measurement and control program, episodic pH depressions can be detected quickly and their impact minimized. The rapid response to these events leads to:
  • Reduced risk of unscheduled shutdowns
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Improved profitability and operational flexibility
 Figure 1:TrueSenseTM for Process – COMS - is skid-mounted, and designed for performance in tough refinery environments.
Your ImproChem account management team, in collaboration with GE, will design an optimal overhead corrosion control treatment regime using GE’s patented LoSALTTM  technology. GE’s patented LoSALTTM  Ionic Equilibrium software model, that uses advanced thermodynamic chemical relationships to determine system salt points and water dew points, is used to select an optimum neutralising amine chemistry, based upon the specific conditions in your system. Patented LoSALTTM  neutraliser chemistries prevent fouling and under-deposit corrosion caused by amine chloride salt deposits experienced with traditional amine neutralisers.
With the baseline chemical delivery in place, COMS will monitor system variations and upset conditions, and adjust the chemical feed rate to maintain the proper pH in the overhead system.
Historically the fouling nature of crude unit overhead condensate water and the inherent difficulty of sample locations 12 to 25 metres above ground level, made maintenance of any analytical equipment costly and potentially dangerous to regularly clean, calibrate, repair and/or replace. In-situ probes are often difficult and costly to install.
TrueSenseTM for Process - COMS - is a skid mounted, all-in-one unit that takes a continuous sample from the naphtha accumulator drum boot water pump. Dual pH probes, with fully tested process capabilities then monitor, alarm, and adjust the neutraliser injection rate when it is outside of your specifically designed program guidelines.
By bringing the sample to the unit at ground level, it allows for relatively simple installation, easier maintenance when needed, and consistent, reliable results while reducing your EH&S risks and overall costs.
Key features of the TrueSenseTM for Process … COMS include:
  • Skid-mounted design for ease of installation.
  • Meets safety requirements for Class 1, Div 2 and ATEX Zone 2 locations
  • Attention to user needs makes the sophisticated technology easy to operate, and maintain.
  • Innovative sample pre-treatment makes measurement of highly variable process streams practical and reliable.
  • User interface designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  • As a part of an integrated chemical, equipment and service offering, ImproChem professionals perform routine periodic maintenance. Should a problem develop, repairs can be conducted on site.
  • Alarming and self-contained diagnostics make troubleshooting fast and effective.
  • Easy to link to Customer’s DCS system.
  • Interfaces with im-PROSERV TrueView, ImproChem’s web-based knowledge management platform that enables the right information, tailored to the recipient, to be delivered at the right time and frequency.
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