Onvida Biofilm Monitoring Technology
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Onvida Biofilm Monitoring Technology
ImproChem adds value to its customer operations by integrating Smart Technology and Best Operating Practices for monitoring and control, thereby allowing our customers to focus on their core business.  One of the state-of-the-art technologies that we offer is the Onvida Biofilm Monitor – to quantify microbiological build-up on critical surfaces.
Biofilm build-up is the root-cause of microbiological contamination which can potentially lead quality problems, reduced efficiencies and ultimately lost production time and reduced revenues.  By monitoring biofilm trends pro-actively with the Onvida Biofilm Monitor, the initial development of microbial contamination can be measured, as well as the severity of an existing problem, allowing the customer to initiate a custom-designed chemical or mechanical control regime before fouling becomes out of control to impact production negatively.  
This optical measurement device can quantify biofilm accumulation at water/surface or air/surface interfaces, depending on the application.  The biofilm trends are visually displayed at the point of measurement for easy monitoring and action and can also be transmitted to our web-based data collection tool, im-PROSERV, for reporting and to set up customised alarm conditions.  
This technology find application in a wide range of industries, including Food and Beverage, product lines, critical cooling systems in refineries, as well as any reverse osmosis system on the feedwater or permeate side.  In fact, the Onvida biofilm monitor will find a fit in any industrial application where microbiological control is critical. 
Current applications and local case-studies are available for:
  • Soft drink product lines’ quality control.
  • Brewery filler space hygiene monitoring.
  • Pasteuriser water quality monitoring.
  • Reverse osmosis feed water quality monitoring.
  • Cooling towers biocide dosage optimisation.
Benefits of proactive monitoring include:
  • Real-time display of microbiological status will allow a pro-active approach to cleaning.
  • Decreased down-times for CIP applications – clean only when necessary.
  • Optimised cleaning and disinfection routines.
  • Decreased product, detergent, water and energy losses.
  • Reduced corrosion due to aggressive detergents and consequently increased equipment lifespan.
  • Minimised product contamination and therefore recalls.



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