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Reverse Osmosis (RO) has most commonly been used for purifying water and removing salts and other impurities to improve colour, taste or other properties of the fluid for potability. RO is finding increasing uses in industrial applications because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
RO is used to treat boiler feed water, industrial waste water, process water and more. A few of the major uses are:
  • Boiler feed water: RO is used to reduce dissolved solids content of water prior to feeding into boilers for the power generation and other industries.
  • Pharmaceutical: RO is an approved process for the production of pharmacopeia grade water for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Food and beverage: Water used to process food products and to produce beverages is often treated by a RO system.
  • Semi-conductor: RO is an accepted component of a treatment process to produce ultra-pure water in the semiconductor industry.
  • Metal finishing: RO systems have been successfully applied to a variety of metal finishing operations including several types of copper, nickel and zinc electroplating; nickel acetate seal and plate dye.
ImproChem supplies RO units, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Membrane Bio Reactors units, as well as unique, specific reverse osmosis processes. The support offered by ImproChem includes the supply and application of membranes, scale inhibitors, cleaners, biocides and services that include membrane autopsy, plant audits, training, and field cleanings, pre-treatment and general support.
Scale Inhibitors
In addition to having a Brand New  HypersperseTM range of anti scalants that meet the demands of most water qualities some of the  HypersperceTM   products  are specifically developed for high Sulphate and high Silicate waters. The Hyperspers range of antiscalants now covers all known Brackish and Salt water spectrums and is the preferred treatment of many OEM’s.    The Hypersperse range of anti scalants is supported by the ARGO software that allows ImproChem personnel to accurately select the best anti scalant for a customer’s process. Hypersperse anti scalants are manufactured to Food Grade Standards in certified facilities.
Blended membrane CIP products giving far higher performance than the commodity type products are part of the ImproChem’ s KLEEN TM range of products containing acid and alkaline cleaners that are compatible with most membranes.
Microbial Biocides
Microbiological contamination is one of the most common and difficult problems to treat in a membrane system. ImproChem’ s range of biocides includes non-oxidising biocides and oxidising biocides, such as chlorine dioxide. Our BIOMATE products were specifically designed to assist the PA membrane types in biological control – some designed for continuous dosing to ensure membrane Biofouling is minimised.
ImproChem offers pre-treatment equipment and chemicals to ensure optimum performance of a membrane process. The chemical range includes coagulants that are NSF approved for application in the food industry, flocculants, some of which are Kosher, Halaal, and NSF approved for application in the food and beverage industry, and dispersants and equipment for the removal of high silica levels, sulphates, chlorides, calcium, oil and high alkalinity.
Membrane Autopsy
In order to determine the cause of poor plant performance, or premature membrane failure, ImproChem offers membrane autopsies. The autopsy will identify the cause of deterioration in performance, such as fouling, biofilm formation, scale formation or mechanical rupture of the membrane.
Speak to Our Technical Services Department regarding Membrane Autopsy.
ImproChem provides on-site training to plant operators. This training is designed to provide the plant operators with working knowledge of membrane operation, including pre-treatment, operation, monitoring and control.
Plant Evaluations
ImproChem can condcut detailed and specialised plant audits to troubleshoot problematic RO plants and recommend a solution.
Pre-treatment and Cleaning Recommendations
Based on water chemistry analysis and ARGO simulation software output, ImproChem can recommend the optimum pre-treatment. In cases of plant problems, a change in pre-treatment or cleaning regime can improve plant operation




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