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Real value delivery to our Cutomers (proof, not promises) is a systematic process that begins with an understanding of the Customer’s systems and processes, establishing an operating baseline and mutually setting performance targets and programme criteria for success.  Once implemented, programme performance needs to be monitored consistently, with ongoing communication and reporting of results and value delivered to all stakeholders.
ImproChem’s im-PROSERV TrueView is a web-based data management and communication platform that enables system data, whether manually uploaded or electronically transmitted  from field instruments and/or proprietary control systems, to be converted into useful management information.  Therefore, our Customers will have unhindered access to system performance dashboards, multiple trend analysis reports, product information and much more via any smart device. 
Coupled with our  im-PROSERV TrueView communications platform, we technology “building blocks” we offer to help improve and optimise system performance and control include:
Communication devices: Modular communicators that allow data transfer from any instrument with a 4 – 20 mA output to a Customer-specific website
Field devices: Standard instruments and equipment, such as conductivity meters, pH meters, flow meters, temperature transmitters, etc required to achieve programme control.  Data from Customer-installed field instruments, having a 4 – 20 mA output, can also be communicated to the im-PROSERV TrueView platform.
Proprietary Control Equipment:  Data from our proprietary control systems, such as ImproChem’s TrueSense cooling system control module, Onvida Biomonitor, RO Watch and our Settling Wizard technology, can be communicated and viewed on via the im-PROSERV TrueView platform.
Our  im-PROSERV TrueView platform, combined with ImproChem’s speciality chemical treatment programmes and on-site monitoring and control equipment, allows for on-line statistical data evaluation, to enable systematic improvement of the operating efficiency and integrity of our Customers water and process systems.
Figure 1: Customer Dashboard for snapshot view of important operating parameters:
Figure 2: Trend graphs have the flexibility to overlay and compare multiple parameters for specified time periods: 
im-PROSERV Key Benefits:
im IMport data from customer site - manage data - VALUE decisions
Pro-active decision making
React when upsets occur –
On-line data
Select appropriate Value Results for customer communication
Evaluate & trends comparison
Response Time improved – differentiator
Verify & Optimise – adding Value to customer operations


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