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ImproChem specialises in providing state-of-the-art treatment chemicals, application technology and technical services to upstream oil and gas 
exploration and production facilities, including programs for Intergrated Management, Scale Control, Separations Optimisation, Flow Assurance and Production Enhancement. This encompasses chemical supply logistics, advanced delivery systems, laboratory testing and field support services to drilling operations as well as primary separation/production plants prior to the downstream refining process. Our highly experienced team of Upstream Technologists work closely with our Customers to identify and solve problems associated with oil and gas production. 
ImproChem manufactures a wide range of chemicals at their manufacturing plant located south of Durban, South Africa. Our manufacturing plant is certified according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation systems.  Upstream chemical product formulations are provided by our technology partner, GE Water and Process Technologies, with whom we a have manufacturing licence and exclusive distribution agreement for Sub-Saharan Africa. Ongoing research and development is conducted in collaboration with GE to provide customised, site-specific solutions. ImproChem has vast experience in both offshore and onshore operations which is supported and extended by GE’s global footprint.
Our range of world-class upstream chemical treatment products include:
Mud Flocculants
To assist with the removal of solids from drilling mud systems. Anionic, cationic and non-ionic products are available in liquid and powder form. Eco-friendly water-based products (green chemistries) are now also available for more environmentally sensitive areas. 
Corrosion Inhibitors
To protect the integrity of casing, production tubing, flowlines, process equipment and pipelines. Water and hydrocarbon based products are available for drilling, production and water injection systems.
Scale Inhibitors
For prevention and dispersion of scale formation in production and water injection systems. Inhibitors are available for all types of scale including calcium carbonate, barium sulphate, calcium sulphate, strontium sulphate and iron complexes. 
Control of aerobic and anaerobic (primarily SRB’s) microbiological activity in systems to prevent corrosion, process fouling and crude souring.
To control foam formation during drilling and in process equipment. Products are available for oil and water processes as well as gas dehydration systems.  
To separate regular and reverse emulsions of hydrocarbons and water. On-site service is provided to test and select products from our standard range of demulsification chemistries, or to customise a formulation specific to the conditions on site.    
To aid with filtration and polishing of effluent water. 
Oxygen Scavengers
Elimination of dissolved oxygen in water injection and drilling systems to prevent oxidative corrosion and aerobic bacteria growth. 
Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers
Elimination of dissolved hydrogen sulphide in production and drilling systems to prevent corrosive attack.
Hydrate Inhibitors
Prevention of subsea hydrates with thermal and customised kinetic inhibitors.
Asphaltene & Paraffin Inhibitors
For the prevention of deposit build-up in subsea and process equipment. 
Acid Treatments
For downhole and flowline scale remediation treatments that provide maximum scale removal and protection of metal integrity.
Foaming agents
To deliquify wells and reduce hydrostatic pressure.
Drag Reducing Agents
For friction reduction in drilling operations and improving flow properties for water injection systems and restricted flowlines and pipelines.
ImproChem has extensive laboratory facilities in Johannesburg and Durban to provide analytical services and product development for site-specific applications. In addition, ImproChem has access to GE’s global state-of–the-art analytical and R&D laboratory facilities, as well as domain expertise, for specialised testwork or solution development.
ImproChem has registered companies, and operate in many other African countries outside South Africa including; Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. 


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