The TrueSenseTM Online for Cooling Integrated Control Center (ICC) is a fully assembled, plug and play system for the management of the chemistry of open evaporative recirculating cooling systems across a wide range of industries. It enables the optimization of reliable and consistent cooling water operations at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. The system (Figure 1) includes:
  • The Control Module
  • The Core Analytes Module
  • A fully integrated probe head reassembly for the complimentary measurementsof pH, conductivity and ORP
  • Wireless hardware to facilitate communications with the knowledge management capabilities of TrueSenseTM View Web edition
Cooling system performance for operational efficiency, asset preservation, water conservation, and environmental compliance is more critical now than ever before. Production processes pushed to their limits, low tolerance for failure, limited manpower, and budgetary pressures, collectively, have created a demand for cost-performance of critical open recirculating cooling systems.
TrueSenseTM Online technology represents an economically efficient, breakthrough for continuously applying and optimizing the right amount of product such that system performance is continuously protected with optimized cost-performance. World-class cooling water treatment chemistry and applications expertise are the cornerstones of GE customer commitment. The foundation of effective cooling water treatment includes management of the interrelationship between corrosion, scale/deposit, and microbiological activity (see Figure 2).
Figure 1: TrueSenseTM Online For Cooling ICC. Figure 2: Dimenstions of effective cooling water management.
GengardTM with Stress Tolerant Polymer provides unparalleled corrosion, scale/deposit control, and biological control protection in the presence of halogens.
TrueSenseTM Core Analytes Module directly measures the functional chemistry of all three key elements of a treatment program, including:
  • Orthophosphate for steel corrosion control,
  • Polymer for the prevention of deposits from mineral scale and dispersion of suspended solids, and
  • Free halogen for the cost-effective control of microbiological growth.
GE professionals guide the setting of optimum target points for available polymer concentration, soluble orthophosphate, and free halogen, based onthe specific conditions of your cooling system. 
The targeted available polymer concentration is always maintained, despite fluctuations in demand caused by system variations or upset conditions that exert stress. 
Maintaining adequate soluble orthophosphate in the system is critical to ensure effective steel corrosion inhibition. GE’s rigorous definition of soluble phosphate is its ability to pass through a 0.22-micron filter. TrueSenseTM Online technology measures both unfiltered and filtered (soluble) orthophosphate, and automatically monitors the difference between them. Polymer addition is automatically adjusted to maintain the difference under a target maximum. As a result, the corrosion inhibition system remains intact and phosphate is not lost to the formation of insulating deposits on heat transfer surfaces.
TrueSenseTM Online technology is the result of an extensive research and development effort by GE’s technologists around the globe. Testing and validation in real-world industrial applications has resulted in a robust commercial design that meets expectations for ruggedness and reliability. TrueSenseTM Online’s direct chemistry measurement and control, combined with the most advanced suite of halogen-stable cooling water treatment technologies of GengardTM provide a clear choice for superior cooling system performance.
The TrueSenseTM Online for Cooling Integrated
Control Center is a core element of a suite
of complementary technologies 
from GE/ImproChem that represent
world–class automation and process control
capability. Your ImproChem Sales Technologist
can help you realize the impact of our
total solution for achieving extreme
and value from your cooling systems


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