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In its natural state, water contains dissolved and suspended solids. The suspended solids may be Inorganic, Organic and/or Bacteria and Algae. Separation Technology is applied to improve or upgrade water quality by separating dissolved solids and suspended solids. ImproChem is associated with international technology partners, and can draw on various research and technical resources.  Separation Technology products, equipment and processes are applied by our Sales Technologists who work closely with our customers to deliver value-based solutions.
ImproChem’s strategy is to offer solutions where the value derived is measurable. In an environment of water scarcity, and facing on-going pollution, the separation of solids from water is critical for the future of Africa. Some applications of good Separation Technology are the production of potable water effluent and sewage treatment and the desalination of salt water.
Changes in legislation, water shortages and increasing warer costs are promoting the recovery of industrial and mine effluent. ImproChem is able to meet the needs of these industries, by providing advanced water conservation, re-use and recyle solutions
ImproChem offers a wide range of products and equipment for the numerous Separation process requirements:
Three types of flocculants are offered. Each type of flocculant offers anionic, cationic and non-ionic products.  Flocculants are offered where rapid settling of suspended solids is required, such as in mine thickening operations. Types include:
  1. Emulsion polymers
  2. Powder polymers
  3. Gel blocks
Dewatering aids
Cationic charged flocculants that facilitate the rapid drainage of water from a waste sludge.
Neutralise and remove fine, colloidal-sized suspended solids from water. These are typically applied in the removal of suspended solids from raw water in the supply of potable water. Coagulants are also applied in industry, in the separation of impurities from waste streams. ImproChem’s range of products is approved for use in potable water, and the food and beverage industries.
Clean pipes, cooling towers, boilers etc., by removing rust, scale and deposits. Speciality cleaners are used to clean reverse osmosis membranes.
Control, suppress and manage foam, typically applied in refineries, mining and food and beverage applications. ImproChem offers a range of anti-foams that are certified for application in the food and beverage industries.
pH control
Applied in the mining industry and in many other industrial applications.
ImproChem also offers a range of specialised equipment to augent separations processes including:
Settling Wizard - Monitors and controls settling on thickeners, and optimizes the performance of flocculants.
Pace SetterTM  - Monitors and controls critical operation parameteres such as turbidity, conductivity, pH, etc.
Streaming current detector (SCD) - Monitors electrokinetic charge of a slurry and adjusts coagulant dose rate accordingly.


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