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A Novel Approach to CGC Efficiency Monitoring and Fouling Control
The production of primary petrochemicals requires energy intensive processes.  Ethylene production is the largest energy consumer in the Chemical Industry.  Cracked gas produced in the pyrolysis furnaces is compressed and separated to produce ethylene and propylene.  The charge gas compressor (CGC) is one of the largest and most important pieces of equipment found on an ethylene plant.  It must operate efficiently and effectively for many years. The target for all ethylene producers is to maximise run length, thereby improving production capacity and operating efficiency.
Through the combined resources of GE Oil & Gas, GE Water & Process Technologies, and GE Energy, in conjunction with GE’s extensive research capabilities, a novel approach to CGC fouling control has been developed. This collaboration has enabled the development of an embedded system to control fouling and performance of the Ethylene charge gas compressor on-line and in real-time.
The holistic efficiency solution sees CGC design, asset monitoring systems and antifoulant technologies translated into an integrated approach to achieve fouling control based on the knowledge of the various aspects that influence the performance of a compressor. New micro-sensors and dynamic monitoring technology will allow for an accurate measurement of the actual polytropic efficiency that, when compared to the manufacturer’s design data, provides real-time, accurate information on the condition of the machine. This results in a direct correlation between current fouling levels and the success of the antifoulant treatment program, wash oil injection, water injection, or a combination of these.  Such unique on-line monitoring and control technology is a significant improvement over current practices and industry capabilities.  Implementation of this novel technology provides advanced tools needed by the ethylene producer to manage plant performance, in order to achieve optimal efficiency and production capacity.
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