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ImproChem has been a leading supplier of process chemical technology to crude oil refinery operations in Southern Africa for over five decades.  Our range of best practice technologies, world-class services and innovative solutions help improve plant integrity and reliability, conserve energy, maximise plant efficiency and boost profitability.  In partnership with GE Water and Process Technologies, ImproChem’s portfolio of chemical technologies, monitoring and simulation tools and value-added services that we can now offer to the refining industry has been significantly enhanced. 
In our alignment with GE Water and Process Technologies, we aim to be the world’s best supplier of chemical and equipment solutions for refinery process systems. We work with our customers in strong and long-lasting relationships built on trust and centered on a mutual interest in quality, productivity and profitability.
We see ourselves as a business ally, working alongside our customers as a partner driving toward a successful outcome. Our customers’ success is our success and we measure ourselves by their accomplishments. Now more than ever, organizations need to deliver results. Through our offerings, we are able to help our customers lower costs, increase productivity and extend equipment life. Our commitment to achieving total cost reduction, value delivery and service excellence is providing benefits all around.
In today’s environment of lower quality crude feedstocks, ImproChem helps customers find new ways to meet their objectives of safer workplaces, zero unplanned down time, maximum throughput and yield of high value products, longer critical equipment life, reduced energy consumption and environmental compliance. ImproChem has advanced diagnostic tools and treatment technologies specific to hydrocarbon process industries.
Our total refinery processing solution programmes include:
EMBREAKTM Emulsion breaking technology
For phase separation (crude dehydration and desalting), our Embreak emulsion breaker technology improves performance at the very start of the refining process. Embreak improves desalter performance, maximizes crude throughput, reduces fuel gas consumption and minimizes rag layer in desalters. It is especially effective when processing challenging crudes which are highly viscous and contain high BS&W, high solids and/or high metals.
pHilmPLUSTM  Corrosion control technology
pHilmPLUS is a range of oil and water based filming corrosion inhibitors designed to control corrosion on all refinery units and pipeling systems that are experiencing corrosion.  Products are available for all metallurgies.
LoSALTTM  Overhead corrosion prediction and prevention
The LoSALT technology offering comprises the LoSALT neutralising amine range and the LoSALT predictive software that together will provide an optimal corrosion control and amine salt fouling prevention program for overhead condensers and tower top trays.
PREDATORTM  The total approach to opportunity crude processing
Includes a total mechanical, operational and chemical solution for controlling naphthenic acid corrosion, thereby allowing refiners to process cheaper crudes and increase profitability. 
ThermofloTM  High temperature antifoulants
Antifoulants can help achieve extended, efficient operation of critical equipment to maximize the output of high-quality fuels and chemicals. The Thermoflo chemistry, engineering expertise, and Heat-Rate Pro software, provide a state-of-the-art antifouling treatment program by optimizing energy consumption and maintenance costs around critical exchangers, using heat exchanger modelling tools as an enabling solution to antifouling monitoring programs, and providing a full simulation of the preheat train in one package.  The Thermoflo total fouling solution offering includes normalised operating baseline and performance improvement monitoring using multi-regression analysis and statistical process control techniques.
SolsetTM  Slurry settling aids
Striving to improve their overall profitability in every way they can, some refiners have recently focused on the alternatives available for the disposition of FCCU bottoms. Several options for disposition are available, including: sale as “black oil", use in heavy fuel blending and re-processing at coker or other downstream units. Each option offers improved profitability, which can be enhanced by the application of a slurry settling aid. Employing a slurry settling aid accelerates the settling of catalyst fines, reducing the ash content and thereby improves the value of the stream.
DimetallicTM Metals passivation
An antimony based nickel passivation program that improves fluid catalytic cracker product value, increases catalyst activity, increases unit capacity, increases gasoline selectivity and decreases hydrogen and coke make.
Max-AmineTM  Total solutions for amine units
A comprehensive range of solutions for monitoring and controlling amine unit problems, such as corrosion, foaming, heat stable salts, fouling and emulsions.


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