ImproChem is a leading supplier of finished fuel additives technology in Southern Africa. In association with our international technology partner, Innospec,
we can draw on the global reach and technical resources that few of our competitors can match. In addition, our highly experienced Sales Technologists work closely with petroleum refiners, synthetic fuel producers and fuel distribution companies to ensure that their products meet specification cost-effectively by supplying innovative fuel additive solutions as well as site-specific services.
The use of additives is especially important in today’s global fuels production and distribution markets.  In an industry subjected to constant change, whether from shifts in the world economy, introduction of new and challenging crude oil sources to refinery crude slates, or new fuel quality legislation, we are continually evolving and adapting our organization and product range to make sure we can deliver the products and services our customers require.
Our range of class-leading fuel additives for gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, residual fuels and renewable fuels include:  
Alkylated phenol and phenylenediamine antioxidants, widely used in petroleum gasoline, jet fuel and synthetic fuels, to block chemical reactions involved in fuel oxidation, thereby preventing gum formation, improving fuel stability and extending the induction period.
Metal Deactivators
Chemically isolate copper and other dissolved organo-metallic compounds that catalyse fuel oxidation processes and harm fuel stability.
Improve the storage stability of the fuel by minimizing fuel oxidation, preventing corrosion, deactivating metals and/or dispersing insoluble components. Stabilisers help prevent colour degradation and sediment formation of stored fuel.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Protect the integrity of pipelines and storage equipment, as well as motor vehicle fuel systems, from attack by water and other acidic corrosive species.  Aviation fuel approved corrosion inhibitors fulfill a dual function of preventing corrosion and improving fuel lubricity.
Lubricity Improvers
Mono-acid and Synthetic Ester, multi-product pipeline approved Lubricity Improvers, used to improve the lubricating properties of distillate fuels with low intrinsic lubricity, thereby protecting motor vehicle engines and fuel pump components from mechanical wear.  
Cold Flow Improvers / CFPP Additives
Prevent wax crystal agglomeration and precipitation upon cooling of diesel fuel and therefore extend the operating temperature range of the treated fuel and prevent fuel filter plugging.
Wax Anti-Settling Aids
Prevent the settlement of wax crystals in cold fuel by further reducing wax crystal size. WASA chemistry is different to conventional CFPP additives and are sometimes used to complement or even replace cold flow improver additives for fuels that show poor response to CFPP additive treatment.
Conductivity Improvers / Static Dissipators, STADIS®
Help reduce the electrostatic hazards associated with the transfer, mixing and loading of petroleum fuels.  Low fuel conductivity prevents charges leaking to earth and can result in electrostatic discharge, arcing or sparks inside tanks containing flammable vapour (fire or explosion hazard).  A conductivity improver is added to low conductivity fuels (e.g. diesel and jet fuel) to allow electrostatic charges to dissipate.
Cetane Number Improvers
Increase the cetane rating of diesel fuel, thereby improving the ignition and combustion characteristics of the fuel and help reduce toxic exhaust emissions.
Octane Number Improvers
High purity, organometallic anti-knock additives which cost-effectively increase the octane number of gasoline.
Anti Valve Seat Recession Additives
Provide effective exhaust valve seat recession protection for vehicle engines designed to run on leaded petrol.
Fuel System Icing Inhibitors
Added to aviation fuels, where permitted by specification, to prevent pipe- and filter-blocking and fuel flow interruption caused by the freezing of free water and formation of ice crystals in the fuel. 
Used to control microbiobiological (slime) growth in fuel storage tanks by establishing toxic residuals in both water and oil phases.
Dyes and Markers
Typically used for fuel branding, identification and fiscal marking purposes.
Multifunctional Additive Packages for Gasoline & Diesel
Tailored multifunctional performance packages for retail fuels which improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, remove and prevent fuel system deposits, prevent corrosion and improve fuel combustion efficiency.
Pipeline Drag Reducers
Drag reducing agents in a suspension of high molecular weight poly alpha olefins polymer into vegetable oil for crude oil and finished fuel product pipelines.


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