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SpotZero, a division of Improchem, provides cleaning and hygiene solutions using a range of products, services, equipment and innovative technologies.
SpotZero remains the leader in the Food and Beverage industry due to the integrity and dependability of the product range that has been continually improved and developed with changing technologies over the past 40 years.
We serve all industries where plant and personal hygiene are of primary importance. These industries include:
  • Brewery
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Poultry
  • Red Meat
  • Wine
  • Fish
  • High Risk
  • Institutional
Value Offerings Include:
  • CIP Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Bottle-washing
  • Conveyor Lubrication
  • Manual Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Foam Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Processing and Environmental Cleaning and Sanitising
  • Service Packages
  • Registrations and Accreditations 
  • (eg. SABS 1853 and SABS 1828)
  • Cleaning and Sanitation Manuals and Signage
  • Equipment
The SpotZero range of products and services include:
General Purpose Detergents and Degreasers
This is a range of neutral dishwashers, specialized alkaline detergents, foaming detergents and acid de-scalers applicable to all industries.
Bottle-washing Additives
These are formulated bottle-washing detergents and specialised caustic additives for the Brewery and Beverage industries.
C.I.P. Detergents and De-scalers
This comprises formulated alkali and acid-based detergents and de-scalers, and specialised caustic additives for the Brewing, Beverage, Dairy and other Food and Beverage industries.
Solvent Degreasers
These are products for industrial and automotive industries.
Yeast Nutrients
Products used in the Brewing industry.
Conveyor Lubrication
Natural, Synthetic, Silicone and Dry Lubricants used in the Brewery, Beverage, Dairy and other Food and Beverage industries.
Sanitizers and Disinfectants
For all Food and Beverage related industries eg. Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Poultry, Processed Food, Red Meat, Fruit Juice.
Hygiene Equipment
These include central foam systems, satellite foam systems, medium and high pressure rinse systems, combined foam/disinfection/rinse systems, mobile foam equipment, fogging systems, dish washing dosage and control equipment, electronic data logging.
Service Package
We provide qualified on site service technicians, swab services, hygiene, cleaning and product audits, classroom or on-site training.
We attend regular review meetings and report on chemical usages, potential problems and activities on site.
Hygiene Consultancy Service
  • Industry knowledge and experience
  • Teams of specialists
  • Practical support services
  • Total hygiene cost control
  • Full international co-operation
  • Technology innovation
  • Environmentally conscious
  • International range of high performance products
  • Special application and control equipment
  • Commitment, confidentiality and integrity
  • Competitive pricing


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