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As part of our core business focus, ImproChem specialises in cooling water treatment across all major industrial applications, including but not limited to refineries, steel mills,
petrochemical and chemical process industries, food & beverage plants, electrical utilities and buildings.  Our highly trained sales technologists will provide you with a total solution to optimise heat exchange by evaluating the chemical programs, equipment and operational performance of your cooling system.  
With GE Water and Process Technologies as our global technology partner, ImproChem can offer a holistic approach to cooling water treatment that will be aligned with our customers’ initiatives to improve productivity while reducing resource inputs such as water, electricity and labour.
We add value to your operations by integrating Smart Technology, Best Operating Practices for monitoring and control and Speciality Chemicals to improve operating efficiency and integrity of your plant, thereby allowing you the customer, to focus on your core business. 
ImproChem’s speciality cooling chemical product range includes:
  • The revolutionary GenGard range of products for open recirculating cooling systems incorporates patented technologies for scale and deposition control to provide our customers with flexible and cost-effective treatment programs tailored specifically to address system-specific stress conditions to provide superior cooling performance.  
  • Inhibitor Series for corrosion control – by understanding corrosion mechanisms, anodic, cathodic and film forming protection products can be recommended to extend equipment lifespan and maintain system integrity.  
  • FloGard products are tailor-made for once-through cooling applications and will minimise corrosion and deposition problems typically experienced in these applications.  Our products carry various local and international approvals for use in food and beverage, as well as potable applications.  
  • The ScaleTrol Series of antifoulants can be applied to heavy industrial cooling applications such as scrubber systems and ash water lines to prevent mineral deposition 
  • The Corrshield range of products for closed cooling systems will protect both high and low temperature systems from corrosion and fouling.  We also have unique low-conductivity products available for critical systems and offer products for a wide range of system metallurgies.  
The Spectrus range of Biocides includes various oxidising and non-oxidising biocides that can be utilised to clean-up or control microbiological contamination, based on the numbers and types of microbes, also taking into account the unique operational parameters of your specific cooling system.  
ImproChem also has a line of Monitoring & Control packages available with varying degrees of automation, customised to help improve your cooling system efficiency by pro-active monitoring and control.  By trending various parameters such as corrosion, conductivity, pH, biofilm formation to name just a few in real-time, chemical dosing can be optimised and alarm conditions can be actioned before major upsets occur.


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