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As part of our core business offering, ImproChem specialises in Boiler Water Treatment across all major industrial applications, including but not limited to, refineries, steel mills, petrochemical and chemical process industries, food and beverage plants, electrical utilities and buildings. Our highly trained sales technologists will provide you with a total programme solution to treat your boiler and steam generation systems. 
With GE Water and Process Technologies as our global technology partner, ImproChem is able to offer a wide range of Boiler Water Treatment products that will assist in keeping systems clean and operating efficiently, and hence reduce the total cost of operation.
ImproChem’s speciality boiler chemical product range includes:
The OptiSperseTM range of internal treatment products:
Comprising of all-polymer, phosphate polymer and phosphate/pH programmes for scale and deposition control to provide clean and scale-free surfaces, ensuring maximum boiler system efficiency.
The CorTrolTM range of oxygen scavenger products:
For the removal and control of dissolved oxygen and to help prevent corrosion of metal surfaces due to oxygen attack. 
The SteamateTM range of condensate treatment products
For the protection of steam/condensate reticulation circuits against carbonic acid attack, oxygen corrosion and erosion. 
The OptiSperseTM range of adjunct treatments:
For supplemental pH control and foam control 
The FuelSolvTM range of combustion and fuel additives:
To help improve combustion efficiency and help to keep the boiler fireside surfaces clean and reduce clinker formation thereby reducing unscheduled outages. 
The FirewatchTM range of fireside additives:
To help minimise soot deposit build-up and improve system efficiency and hence optimise fuel consumption rates.  
ImproChem also offers a range of Monitoring & Control Packages available with varying degrees of automation. These packages can assist with the dosing and control of the boiler programme to ensure optimal system results. By linking these readings to our website via im-PROSERV various parameters such as conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen - to name but a few - can be trended, in real-time, which will mean a more accurate, hands-on-control of the boiler and steam generation system.


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