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ImproChem believes that the following principles must be applied by all employees in all areas of business activity in order to satisfy the needs of its customers.
The creation of a non-threatening environment of open communication and the active involvement of all employees in the management of quality, the continued improvement of people, products, processes and service through the prevention of non-conformances and the regular evaluation of people, products, processes and service to promote improved quality and productivity.
Guided by these principles, ImproChem makes the following commitments:
  • Customers will be satisfied by ensuring that their needs are identified and met.
  • Leadership in quality will be achieved by integrating plans for quality improvement with overall business plans.
  • Adequate control will be exercised over all activities affecting quality by establishing clear lines of authority, responsibility and communication.
  • Clear quality values will be created and sustained at senior management levels.
  • All employees will be trained to enable them to meet quality objectives.
  • The quality of all goods and services will be ensured by using sound design principles and controlling all processes.
  • Appropriate measurements of performance will be used in all activities to ensure that a prevention-based approach to quality is achieved.
  • A quality management system will be retained to fulfill these commitments.
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